One of the most beautiful locations of the Lesser Caucasus, Khankandi is the capital of the Upper Qarabag Autonomous District. On 6 February 1988, first demonstrations were held in Khankandi demanding secession of Upper Qarabag from Azerbaijan and joining it to Armenia. In September 1988, the 12,000 Azerbaijanis living in Khankandi were driven out of the town. Shortly afterwards, about half a million Azerbaijanis were ousted of their homes in Armenia, to be more exact, from Western Azerbaijan. Therefore, the ethnic conflict gradually developed into a war.

History of occupation



It is located on the eastern slope of the Qarabag range in the Qarqarchay river valley, 26 km south of the Agdam railway station on the Yevlakh-Nakhichevan highway. It is Upper Qarabag’s industrial center.


Although it was named after one of the 26 Baku commissioners, Dashnak Stepan Shaumyan, in 1923, it was renamed back into Khankandi in 1991. Sources suggest that it was inhabited in the 5th century. It was part of the Caucasian Albania and different other states established in this region over centuries. Khankandi was then subordinated to the Qarabag khanate established in the 18th century. In fact, it received its present name in 1847. Khankandi emerged as a town in USSR years.

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