Imishli is located 230 km from Baku. It is situated on the territory that connects the Mugan and Mil plain historical-geographical areas. The district was established in 1930 and was called Qaradonlu until 1938. Currently, Qaradonlu is a small village on the Mugan plain. The district is bisected by the River Kura in the north and the River Aras in the centre. Numerous small islands have emerged on the river. The district borders on Iran and has a moderate and hot semi-desert climate. These lowlands, which used to smell of wormwood, were grazed by flocks of sheep. Now those winter pastures are occupied by permanent villages. The territory is regarded as a cotton-growing district, and oil extraction began here after oil wells were drilled in the area. A sugar factory which was opened in recent years put Imishli on the agenda again.

Bahramtapa water reservoir

The most picturesque place in Imishli is the Bahramtapa water reservoir. Water from reservoirs is supplied through canals to irrigate fields and clear sowing areas from the salt that has collected here for centuries. Most of the Sarisu Lake is situated in Imishli.

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